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Lone Star has a full line of carnival style rides such as Mind Winder and GyroXTREME, quad jumps, mechanical bull ride and giant tricycles. Now you can have your own carnival and combine these with other entertainment products from this site. Call today for availability and pricing.

Carnival Rides
Mind Winder is one of the Most Incredible Rides. It combines The Swing ride and a Tea Cup ride, In One Ride!!! Up to 18 passengers at a time.

Mind Winder
Mind Winder

The GyroXTREME will wirl, twirl and spin you around in this really sweet attraction (12'x12'x8'). Fun and safe for all ages. This exciting new two passenger ride is great for indoor & outdoor parties or gatherings.

GyroXTREME with passengers

GyroXTREME in an indoor setting

4 in 1 Quadjump
Then take flight and sore into the air on our 4 in 1 Quadjump also called a Power Jump, Bungy Jump or Eurobungy. It will take your breath away! Go as high as 25' in the air while doing flips or whatever you want the two bungy cords guide you safely back to the inflatable trampoline landing position each time you come down. Then jump up and fly again and try something new!!! Overwhelming fun for all ages.
This ride can be configured as a 1 in 1, 2 in 1 or a 4 in 1 depending on your needs and available space. The 4 in 1 requires a 30' by 30' footprint, at least 25' of overhead clearance and 110 volt power supply.

4 in 1 Quad Jump

4 in 1 Quad Jump, Power Jump or Eurobungie

Mechanial Bull Ride
Being way safer than the real deal, this ride can give people of all ages the sensation of climbing aboard the the biggest and toughest of all ranch animals. The operator maintains the tempo and time to be age and skill level appropriate. All the fun and none of the danger.

Mechcanical Bull Ride
Mechanical Bull Ride in use

Giant Tricycles
Whether you are looking for a unique team building experience or just good clean fun, our giant tricycles are an exciting experience that has to be tried to be appreciated. Race for speed or set up an obstacle course and add the challenge balance coordination to the competition.

Giant Tricycles
Giant Trikes

We handle the complete set up and tear down. We arrive with ample time to allow you to start your event on time and wait until your scheduled event ending time to begin the tear down.

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